Tour Update

"Can I start someone on drinks?"

Our server is losing her patience with us.

Turns out there aren't many places to connect to the world wide web when you're in the middle of the prairies. The atmosphere in Original Joes doesn't exactly lend itself to writing either. Still, it's nice to have some air conditioning and hot food. Being on the road you have to make the best of any opportunity you're presented with. Angry waitress and all...

Today we reach the halfway mark of our trip, so it seems like a good time to reflect on the events thus far. There have been some amazing moments and some amazing people that have made this trip worth its weight in speeding tickets. To say that we are humbled by the warmth and enthusiastic reception we've received thus far would be an understatement. Canada, you are a lovely people, one and all. 

If you've ever found yourself planning a tour, then you'll have almost certainly been cautioned of the costs and risks by those who've dared to attempt it before you. All that may be true, but allow us to say that the merit of an adventure like this is merely validated by the challenge. Sure, the van smells bad and parking tickets in Edmonton are unreasonably expensive, but when there's a venue full of people getting rowdy with you it really puts things into perspective. We're saying it's worth it. 

So before we get chased out of OJ's for setting up a temporary camp in their corner booth allow me to express our gratitude for all of the memories we've been given. To all the people who have come along side us and all those who have risked $10 cover to hear three boys from Nanaimo, B.C. make noise for an hour, we love you. We'll close with the cliche of the century... Thanks for making dreams come true. 

Wengel out.